All brands should harness the power of queer in their advertising

Queer people are a bigger part of your audience than you may realise!

Queer representation in ads been shown to be good for business

Oh and it’s simply a good thing for your audience & society

That’s why we recently hosted a whole panel on ‘The Power of Queer in Advertising’ at Advertising Week Europe 2022…

What good looks like

The key is to get started and harness the power of it for yourself


So get more positively inclusive (& remember there is informed support for you)

  • A good starting place to look Outvertising- an LGBTQ+ advocacy group in the advertising industry.
  • Also talk to us at distillery, we are all about harnessing the positive power D&I in advertising input and output. We walk the walk, not just talk the talk, and are constantly looking to make only a more positive impact.



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